Hadise Makina

Today, we aim to continuously improve ourselves for customer satisfaction and to determine the expectations and needs of our customers beforehand.

Why Hadise Makina & Döküm ?

Beginning with foundry in 1977, it continues on its way to increase its field of activity day by day, with wood bakery ovens, oven machines, various machinery manufacturing, park and garden lighting and bench groups, heating systems, stove fireplace manufacturing.

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New Items

glass cover

The lids are raw cast iron and the product is seen during cooking with ceramic glass. The bread is closed to the inside and the bread is loaded comfortably. The front cover is crom.

Steering furnace combustion cover

Steering Turntable Furnace Hell Cover

square Lampstand

practical easy operation

Standard Lampstand

general purpose use

25kg flour spiral mixer

minimum 2kg -25kg flour kneading capacity

60kg flour capacity dough mixer

Dough kneading mixer with minimum 5 kg and 60 kg flour kneading capacity

40kg flour capacity spiral mixer

Flour kneading capacity dough kneading mixer between minimum 3kg and 40kg

spiral dough apparatus thin and thick wire 2 speed optional 3 speed or drive

dough kneading machine

It is produced in capacity ranges from 5kg flour capacity to 150kg flour.



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Number of countries we export


Our total number of exports


Number of products exported

What We Produce

Our Service Areas

black oven materials

oven covers, lamp grates, vapor etc.

Steering Ovens

Baking ovens with rotary table can be made in different dimensions

Tube Furnaces

domed model is produced in desired dimensions

spiral mixer

It is produced in capacity ranges from 5kg flour capacity to 150kg flour.

planetary mixer

You can contact us for different mixers.

dough kneading machine

closed-body differential gearbox time relay long life machines

Bread slicing machine

manufactures in different sizes

bread crumb machine

evaluation of stale breads

Stove Fireplace

Our Stove Fireplace Manufacturing

Park Garden Group

Our Casting Factory Cesme Sitting Bench Table Lamp Poles etc.